Churwell Primary School

Learn, Aspire, Achieve

Westwoodside, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS27 9HR

01132 527437

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Staff - 2019 - 2020

Headteacher: Mrs R Barson

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs C Oakley

Leadership Team: Mrs E Hawkins Foundation Stage, Miss D Butler Yr 1,2, 3 Leader , Mrs H Hickes Year 4, 5, 6 Leader , Mrs L Slater, Pupil Premium and Miss H Squires, Inclusion/SEN (Miss C Forsyth, Inclusion/SEN - Maternity Leave) 


Mrs R Dunn

Mrs E Hawkins


Mrs L Hirst

Miss G Milnes


Year 1

Miss N Porter 

Mrs N Pearson 


Year 2

Miss V McPhail

Miss D Butler


Year 3

Mrs J Tingle

Miss  E Mulqueen





Year 4

Mrs H Labourn 

Mr J Strudwick 

Mrs H Ames 


Year 5

Miss A Bolton

Miss R Hall 


Year 6

Mrs H Hickes

Miss S Jones

Mrs L Slater  (Maternity leave)

Mr J Button 


Technology Teacher: Mrs A Pearce

Cover teacher: Mr B Bedford  



Mrs A Pollard

Mrs S Ely

Mrs D Hassall

Mrs L Bucknall



Mrs G Stead

Mrs D Sheard 

Learning Mentors

Mrs J Tindale

Mrs J Hutchinson


Inclusion Support

Mrs A Horsfall

Mr L Bibb


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs S Gaythorpe

Mrs L Brooke

Mrs J Jones

Mrs H Milnes

Mrs J Nelson

Mrs J Suthern

Mrs J Sweeney

Miss P Foley

Mrs K Pickering (Maternity Leave) 

Mrs R Chadwick

Mrs J Metcalfe

Ms M Brown 

Mrs K Pullan 

Mrs C Dilworth-Parrott

Mrs P Kumari

Mrs M Doherty

Miss M Ely



Office Administration 

Mrs J Burnill - Business Manager

Mrs L Fitzgerald

Mrs J Nelson


Site Superintendent 

Mrs D Wormald


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs D Green

Mrs B Goodwin

Miss L Smith

Ms M Doherty

Mrs S Williamson

Miss C Hornby-Willams

Mrs J Sweeney

Mrs S Steele

Mr M Wormald

Mrs C Dilworth-Parrot - Lunchtime Playworker

Mrs D Wormald

Mr K Worrall


Sports Coach (PE Partner)

Mr H Davison

Before and After School Manager

Mrs S Shapland

Before and After School Deputy Manger

Mrs J Noble


Mr K Worrall

Miss M Ely

Mrs L Brooke

Mr L Bibb

Miss G Stead

Mrs D Sheard

Ms M Doherty