Churwell Primary School

Learn, Aspire, Achieve

Westwoodside, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS27 9HR

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  1. Curriculum

Our curriculum supports our whole school vision of:'Learn, Aspire, Achieve'.


We want a curriculum that supports children with their learning and future aspirations as well making them aware of their responsibility to be a good, well rounded member of the community.
Our curriculum supports children:

To learn about real things that matter

to develop curiosity and ask questions about the about the world, current affairs and our local and wider community

To learn from experts who inspire us, for example: artists, musicians, writers, mathematicians and scientists

To be involved in choosing what they learn – what interests and inspires them

To understand how we learn, and to know that learning isn’t always easy through developing a Growth Mindset

To have opportunities to learn how to research using a wide range of resources

To learn with our parents, other adults and the wider community


We plan and teach from The National Curriculum. We have planned a curriculum that we believe:

Delivers the best outcomes for our children

Delivers objectives that support PSHCE and SMEH agenda as well as the statutory requirements within the National Curriculum

Provides time and opportunity for deep learning to take place. Children can embed and apply their learning and skills across a range of subjects and activities

Focuses on the acquisition of skills together with content knowledge.

Our school community enjoys learning


The content of the curriculum is based on the National Curriculum Programmes of Study. Discrete learning alongside topic themes will help children make links across different subjects and develop their knowledge and skills. All the themes chosen will have relevance and meaning for the pupils within the context of this school.

Every theme will start with a key question in order to encourage enquiry based thinking. The learning and application of skills, knowledge and understanding will drive the curriculum rather than the content or coverage.All themes will be selected, wherever possible, to ensure that they build upon the children’s prior learning. We will provide rich and varied first hand experiences for the children to support their learning through visits, visitors or artefacts. Time allocation for the cross curricular theme work will be based on the need to provide pupils with an appropriate amount of time so that deep and embedded learning can take place.